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A Study on Organizational Behaviour

             An organization's success is dependent on influential leadership, an effective structure and a strong culture. In addition, the examination of literature in fields such as Organizational Theory and Behaviour, Management and Sociology has confirmed that these factors have been independently linked to organizational performance. This paper provides insight to the adopted organizational culture, the established leadership style and managerial effectiveness of an insurance market leader in Jamaica. This is achieved through the presentation of the results of a departmental questionnaire and interviews with two influential leaders of the company. The purpose of this research is to assess the impact of Sagicor Life Jamaica's organizational structure and leadership style, in relation to the flow of communication, decision making processes, goal attainment ability, innovation and change.
             Executive Summary.
             One of the central challenges that organizational theory and behaviour seeks to understand is the impact of elements such as structure and leadership within organizations. A well-defined structure is likely to clearly outline the distribution of work among employees, relationships and acts as the plan that facilitates the attainment of goals and objectives. Likewise, the type of leadership style that an organization adopts will influence decision making and organizational culture. By conducting an analysis on Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited it will assist with determining the extent to which organization structure and leadership influence the flow of communication, workforce productivity, organizational culture and behaviours. There has been numerous research done on both aspects by many theorist, all attempting to explain the best fit, characteristics and the likely impact they have on workforce and the success of organizations.┬áDespite the fact that each had their own perspectives (which interconnected at times), it was proven that leadership style and organizational structure do contribute to the success or failure of an institution.

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