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What Does The Bible Say About Marriage?

            What does the Bible say about Marriage?.
             The former President of the United States William Clinton had a widely publicized and scrutinized extramarital affair with a White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. This scandal was a focal point for the nations unraveling moral fiber. Being a country founded by Christians the ideals of Christianity should permeate into the American marriage. Unfortunately this country has a very poor view of marriage (Clark p.13). In today's world people are entering marriages hastily and for the wrong reasons, adultery is widely accepted and Divorce rates are high. One reason for this downfall of marriage may be the absence or lack of the spiritual aspect of marriage. One could believe that people would make better decisions if they had a better understanding of what God says about marriage according to the Holy Bible.
             Finding a Mate.
             There are so many questions to be answered, how should a spouse be chosen, how should problems in a marriage be handled, is divorce a sin, what about when a spouse passes away? But lets just start from the beginning with dating. The first step is to find a suitable mate. Suitable is the word chosen to describe a partner in the dating process because that's the type of person one would seek to couple with. Someone who they believe at first can suit their needs at the time. Whether the need be a burger king value meal or an evening of intellectual conversation. The bible has much to say about the topic of choosing a spouse. From dating and compatibility, deciding to marry and being engaged there is advice on all these endeavors. .
             At first dating for most people is for fun. A way of socializing getting to know people. As far as mere dating the bible persuades Christians not to date nonbelievers. Although many may not take dating seriously the people you surround yourself with have an influence on your life decisions. When determining compatibility the bible can be helpful.

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