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Why Religion

             Has it ever crossed your mind why we have a religion? What about why having a belief in religion is so important to have? Should all religions be alike? And most importantly, should we follow them? These are the questions men and women are faced with all the time. Religion is said to be how one should act, what to say, and how one should feel. .
             Religion teaches us something vital about ourselves, and serves as the ground for our hope in eternal life. But it is a well-known fact that persons worshiping the same God and believing in the same religion have stood by each other through different obstacles. People sometimes will tend to turn to religion merely for comfort and security. Perhaps if there was no such thing as religion, then these desires would never be fulfilled. .
             God is just God; looking for that evidence in life and religion is the greatest mystery and the glorious journey that people must partake in. In a world like the one we live in today, pure honesty can be absolutely one of the most hardest virtues to have, and can only be experienced by other's if the trait is in ones own heart. Believing in a religion and a God entirely partakes in that peace is barely left in a lifetime. The strength of a religion comes from the faith one possesses; it is the strong trust in God that helps and guides in hours of need.
             Belonging to a religious institution has become a necessity, for each individual plays an important role for the interaction of the community. Within many weak communities, the people distance themselves from religious ideas and beliefs, and thus do not feel the joys of a united environment. Though it is often difficult to face the challenges set forth by religion, the idea of a connected society causes people to overlook the obstacles and bring about unity.
             Religion acts some sort like a necessity for almost what people believe in, be it morals or just outlooks in life.

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