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            the definition of religion is as controversial and complex as religions have been throughout known human history.Religion has been the biggest influence on human culture in basically every society known to man. Many scholars have tried to give a definition of what religion truly is but many detailed definitions have been proven to be false in different societies. To my understanding religion is a way of explaining the unexplainable and unknown. Almost every type of religion would fall under thise type of broad definition. It seems that such broad definitions have not satisfied scholars as many have tried to come up with a narrow definition in order to explain their personal beliefs and theories. One such scholar was Karl Marx who although know for the creation of communism also gave an explanation of religion. Marx's opinion was similar to but also contrasted with Emile Durkheim's definition of what religion is. Each scholar tried to use their concepts of what religion is in order to try and prove their theories on social matters.
             Durkheim was trying to launch what was then a new science called sociology and have it gain as much respect as other recently created sciences like psychology and biology. Perhaps this is why he categorized religion as society. He was concerned with what seemed to be a loss of religion in the society around him. Many scholars of his time had showed concern that society was becoming immoral as a result of the loss of religion. Durkheim stated that once we all realize that religion is an expression of society, the loss of religion would not lead to a chaotic and immoral world. He considered religion to be a way of unifying society in order to create a social climate which every person needs in order to experience fulfillment. In this way religion was a communal force that lets people enjoy a deep sense of meaning and celebration as a group. From his studies of Australian tribes he also noticed that religion creates a state of euphoria through it's communal power.

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