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             My purpose in writing this paper is to articulate why my religious and spiritual life has changed significantly as a result of my recent introduction to religion. As a result of this course of study I have a new perspective on religion. This new viewpoint has not necessarily changed my feelings as they relate to my being a Christian but it has opened my eyes and given me a greater appreciation and acceptance of people who are of other religious persuasions. .
             As a Christian I have never really given much thought to other religions. My primary concentration has been on being a Christian, a member of the Baptist Church. Following the teachings of the Pastor and elders in my Church has been my focus. However, my perspective and thought process is very different today as it relates to religion. My interest has been peaked and I am curious to understand how all religions relate to each other since most were outgrowths of other religions.
             The most significant historical thing that I learned is that Christianity originated from Judaism which is the oldest living religion. I am also now aware that Christianity has the largest following in the World. In North America most people practice Christianity. Christians believe in one God and live by the Holy Bible. Among those practicing Christianity in North America, Protestants are more prevalent followed by roman Catholics. There are also other religions practiced in North America, including Judaism and Islam. What is most striking to me is that Christianity originated from Judaism and it has many more followers. The comparison of Christianity and other religions is not only interesting but somewhat astonishing to me.
             Judaism is primarily practiced by the Jewish people and Israel is a Jewish nation. This is true even though there are people of all nationalities that practice Judaism and live outside of Israel. Judaism is an interesting religion when you think about its relationship to Christianity.

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