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Religion-Where it Comes From-Why?

            Since the beginning of time, man has had a belief of some kind or another, and with beliefs normally comes a religion. From year 20 BC to the year 2003, people seem to need a religion or belief of a higher being. Some may believe to give a purpose and a meaning to their life and actions. Others may believe that no one is truly alone in the world and religions can comfort people from complete loneliness. Most religions consist of a life plan or goal giving those who follow something to look forward to in the afterlife. Whatever the reason for new religions to form, people must gain from the religions or else there would be no religions.
             One valid basis for a religion would be to give meaning and purpose to one's life. Many centuries ago people did not have the scientific advances that there are now so they needed ways to explain what was going on around them. If one did not know why the animals came into being thinking that a God created the animals is a simple answer. If God created all that was good, He would be the reason we are kind. Simple minds give simple answers to big questions and God is a good answer to anything when one is a believer. Those who have simple minds may also have simple fears, such as loneliness.
             Many people, centuries ago, lived alone or out in the middle of nowhere, making it easy to get lonely. If one was lonely, would a higher being, such as God(s), not give comfort to those who were alone? No one wants to believe that he is truly alone and believing there is a God watching out for him can give a sense of safety. Even to this day and age it is possible to feel fully alone in the middle of a crowded room, and knowing that God will be there helps. One is said to be born alone and will die alone; however, one who believes in God would say, "God is always with you." God may always be with some in life, but what about death?.
             Death is a common worry for almost everyone; death is also the number two fear in America.

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