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Death Comes For The Archbishop

             Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927) is about two nineteenth-century French priests, Father Vaillant and Father Lour, who come to America to establish a mission in the southwestern desert which changes them. Main Characters - -Father Jean Marie Latour, Vicar Apostalic of New Mexico -Father Joseph Vaillant, his friend, a missionary priest -Kit Carson, frontier scout -Jacinto, an Indian guide Plot - This historical novel is set in nineteenth century New Mexico and describes the experiences of two well-bred French priests sent there to establish Catholicism in Santa Fe. During their life and work in the beautiful and rough environment, they are radically transformed, especially by the experience of the westward movement of the agricultural frontier. The story is based on the life of Archbishop Lamy, the first bishop in the New Mexican territory. Setting - Territory of New Mexico, the American Southwest Theme - -History-personal history of Archbishop Lamy and the development of his huge diocese. -Immigrants, Pioneers, Europe - Religion spirituality-throughout her life and especially after 1922, Cather was concerned with the decline of spirituality in an increasingly materialistic American society - Nature, Catholicism/Protestantism, Modernism -Missions and Native Americans Death comes for the Archbishop: symbolism and imagery In Death Comes for The Archbishop, Willa Cather demonstrates her unique ability to illustrate exceedingly intricate landscapes with delightfully eloquent prose. She brilliantly incorporates symbolism and imagery to express depths of emotion that are universally relatable, while artfully portraying the victories and failures of her protagonists. In fact, her descriptive use of language is so lyrical that it could almost be considered poetry. You May Be Owed Unclaimed Money To Find Out, Enter Your Last Name Here: Set in nineteenth century New Mexico, this historical novel follows the adventures of two refined French priests on a mission to promote Catholicism in Santa Fe.

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