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Becket as a Tradgedy

            Francis Fergusson's tragic theory can be applied to the movie Becket by Jean Anouilh. Since the three characteristics of purpose, passion, and perception can be applied, this play can be considered a tragedy.
             In the beginning of the movie, Becket's purpose is to find honor. Becket explains his passion to Henry about collaboration and honor: to be a Saxon is to be slaughtered, to be Norman is to live well, Becket chooses to live well, therefore he collaborates to live (question 4). He perceives that honor is a "private matter" and each man has his own impression on it (question 5). Therefore, he tries to seek his honor in truth (question 13). However, he comes to realize that "there is only a void where honor should be" (question 12). .
             During the middle of the movie, Becket's perception is to find his honor by defending the honor of God (question 25). Doing so, he chooses his purpose to accept the title of Archbishop of Canterbury (question 22). Henry reveals Becket's fate however, "the die is cast Thomas, make the best of it" (question 19). Becket realizes in accepting the title of Archbishop of Canterbury, he must relinquish the title of Chancellor of England. Since he didn't find his honor in truth, he gladly gives up the ring and title of Chancellor of England (question 29). Consequently, Henry accuses Becket of betraying him and challenging his power (question 31). Becket leaves England and goes to France and Rome until tensions die down (question 33).
             Returning from France and Rome, Becket meets Henry and tells him that he will find his purpose when "the honor of God and the honor of the king become one" (question 35). While getting ready for vespers, in essence, getting ready to die, the supreme folly comes into play. Becket perceives that the only way "for the honor of god and the honor of the king to become one" is if he gives his life (question 42). Thomas does this because "it is for divine service" (question 41).

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