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Church vs. state in beckett and modern times

             In the movie Becket, it is obvious that there is a conflict between church and state. This is a problem that has remained with us up until the present day. In modern America there are many issues which have made headlines in the last couple of years. There is the issue of "In god we trust," the recent display of religious objects, and praying in schools.
             The conflict between church and state in Becket is blatantly obvious. Early in the movie Thomas is portrayed as having no honor. This is part of the reason why he was so easily changed from a deacon to chancellor. It is only when he finds honor in God that the problem begins. When a priest is murdered, there is a dispute as to whether the offedant should undergo royal or secular jurisdiction. Becket wanted the church and its people to be only subject to God's representative on earth, the Pope. King Henry believes disagrees on this point because his whole empire would then be subject to the English Church, which would limit his power as king. A compromise was made by having the leaders of the church chosen by church officials but their lands belonged to the state.
             The first conflict that is present in today's society is that of four simple words. "In God we Trust." This is most prevalent on all of our currency. A deviation of these words appear in the Pledge of Allegiance. They would be "under God." When our country was fouded it was founded on Christian values. Our form of government was based on that of the Presbyterian church. If you look closely the commandments that deal with our relationship with other humans, rather than with God, are all represented in a law in some form. If "in God we trust" is displeasing, don't touch money. If "under God" is scary, don't say it. These are two choices that anybody has full power to make for themselves.
             In the immediate past there have been many quarrels about the display of religious objects in public.

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