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Murder in the Cathedral

            Thomas Stearns Eliot was born in September 26th 1888. A poet, playwright and a literary critic, TS Eliot became a man that paved the way for the advancement of Anglo-American literature. According to most people he became the prime leader of the modernist movement in the field of Literature as his poetry and drama revolutionized the genres, as did his critical analysis of different forms of literature. His revitalizing work finally awarded him the Noble Peace Prize of Literature in 1948.
             "Murder in the Cathedral" is TS Eliot's version of the murder of Thomas Beckett by 4 Royal Knights when they overheard the king wishing that the Archbishop (Thomas Beckett) would be taken care of. Despite the lack of importance the King put into these words, the knights proceeded to fulfill his wish and murdered the bishop. TS Eliot decided to make the drama more psychological, as he was deeply engrossed in the ever increasing secular world. Being highly religious, he proceeded in including a moving message in the play about martyrdom and power; the might that was shared between the crown and the church.
             Being a literature modernist, TS Eliot had not forgone a sense of unorthodox workings in his play. His play challenges contemporary values and attitudes by focusing on points that were ignored in the world of depression and post World War 1. The 1930's been the year of Depression (or at least the end of it) and was a fairly peaceful period in the wake of the devastating World War and the economic stagnation caused by the depression. Drama and other forms of literature that were published in the time frame were based on the themes of comedy or romance. A drama such as "Nagy Szerelem" (A Great Love) that was made in 1935 had obvious romantic appeal. The reason for this trend was to cheer up the battered spirits of a country overwhelmed by war and living in poverty. "Murder in the Cathedral" however leant more towards the religious side of drama and not only is it based on a notion that was overtaken by leaps in technology and the current political forecast but it had a sad, almost tragic pace as it replays the murder of Thomas Beckett.

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