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The Middle Ages; The Golden Age, The Age of Faith, The Age o

            The middle ages of Europe which began with the destruction of the Roman Empire were referred to by a variety of different terms. These titles included the Dark Ages, the Age of feudalism, the Age of Faith and the Golden Age. The fall of the Roman Empire led to the rise of feudalism. During this period the Roman-Catholic Church provided spiritual direction while many literary, artistic and architectural achievements were made. For these reasons the Middle Ages can best be described as the Age of feudalism, the Golden Ages and the Age of Faith. .
             The period in time from A.D. 500 to 1400 known as the middle ages can be referred to as the Age of Feudalism for many reasons. During this time period an upper class of nobles and a lower class of serfs and peasants emerged. The upper class lords began to distribute their land among other lower lords called vassals. In return for the land the lords expected loyalty and military service from the vassals while they gave the vassals protection from invaders. The vassals needed people to work their land and keep it producing food so they called on the lower class men call serfs. In return the vassals promised knights for protection to the peasant farmers. An excerpt from the Homage Oath taken by john of Toul " I will aid the count of Champagne in my own person, and will send [them] knights whose service I owe to them for the fief which I hold of them- maintains that there was a great deal of loyalty and respect shown in the feudal society. The fief was also referred to as the manor. There was a church for religion, fields for cropping, a mill, water from the well and also a house for the serf all located on the manor which made it very self sufficient. .
             The middle ages can also be described as the Golden Age. This time period was looked at as a time of prosper for a number of different reasons. The need for educated people grew more and more as the years past.

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