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             For the field assignment I visited the Ottawa Mosque on Friday 6th February 2004 at.
             12:00 pm, for the Jummah (Friday) prayer, which is the most significant one for the Muslims.
             from all the days of the week. It is located in Ottawa at 251 Northwestern Avenue.
             The building:.
             The building of Ottawa Mosque is fairly big. It is visible quite easily from two blocks.
             away, due to its large minaret and a huge spherical dome. From the exterior the building has.
             brown brick facade and is in a square shape. Above the building is the spherical dome, which is.
             painted green , symbolising the holy colour of Islam. There is a crescent moon on top of the.
             dome made of copper and painted in gold. There is also a hexagonal cylindrical shaped minaret.
             beside the dome. On top of the minaret is a small balcony extending outwards. On the sides of.
             the balcony are six lamps facing down, to provide light at night. There is a hexagonal cone.
             shaped dome covering the balcony. The dome is also green, itself, and has a golden crescent.
             moon as well pointing towards the sky. The crescent is also one of the religious symbols for.
             Islam, since it is associated with the beginning of a new Islamic year. All around the dome there.
             are loud speakers to enhance the Imam's voice for calling of Muslims to pray. However, the city.
             prohibits the use of such devices, therefore they are just for decoration. On each wall of the.
             building there are at least two huge, arched shaped glass windows. The glass is tinted brown.
             matching the building colour. There are three entrances to the mosques and all together six exits,.
             which are facilitated with stairs. There is a special entrance at the basement for the physically.
             challenged people. The entrances and exits are different for males and females, the male.
             entrances are from the front, while the entrances for females are from the sides. .
             The interior is painted all in white. The mosque is covered wall to wall in carpet.

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