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             Religion has reappeared as a factor in American political and social arenas. "When does the instrument of religious freedom become a weapon of religious intolerance? Why do we so frequently read about some aspect of the unlawful wedding of politics and religion? Can we as a society defend ourselves against the onslaught of "holly terror-?- (Conway and Sieglman, Holy Cover Page).
             TERROR- Intense, overpowering. Anything that instills such fear. 2. Violence toward private citizens, public property, and political enemies promoted by a political group to achieve or maintain supremacy. 3. An annoying or intolerable pest: nuisance often used in the phrase a holy terror. (Conway and Sieglman, Holy 3). .
             Jehovah's Witnesses- Any National flag is a symbol or image of the sovereign power of its nation. All such likenesses [symbols of national power: eagle sun, lion, etc] are forbidden. Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to pay homage in any way to the flag of any nation or even to defend their own individual nation (Martin 100).
             In recent years we've seen a growing tendency by our political and religious leaders to invent a homogeneous past, a golden age of perfect consensus on values and morals. In truth this never existed (Marty 5).
             Diversity in religion and people-hood continues to grow in America. According to Adherents, there are approximately 2 billion Christians, 1.3 billion Islamic, 900 million Hindus, 360 million Muslims; and many other religions and thousands of intensive religious groups called cults by some and new religions by others (1).
             America's religious cults need to be carefully studied and continuously monitored. The average American knows little or nothing about religious cults who collectively command better than one and a half million people. America's religious cults are accused of numerous moral, civil, and criminal violations. Accusations against religious cults include: homewrecking, .

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