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An American

            An American is someone who is patriotic who shows love for his or her country and for others. Someone who has freedom to do anything and be anything they want having no limitations or boundaries for their success. Americans have been envied since they have evolved. So many people from all over the world chose to be an American to live a better life. That's why Americans comes in different colors. .
             Being an American has been a better life for most people, but of those who are unfortunate have suffered even more. Some people encounters racism, which denies them from succeeding. Racism is still a problem in America and will be for a long period of time. I for one have met a racist person and it makes me wonder sometimes that to be an American is only right if you were white. Foolish to think that way, but the pain I felt made me even more proud to be a Filipino.
             Sometimes having such luxury isn't always good. In the 20th century Americans have changed dramatically. From there abuse of technology, to there attitude and appearance upon others. Americans has a reputation of being lazy and rude. Americans tend to think they are better than others and that they deserve first class treatment. Although they have great pride in their country, Americans has built an ego that portrays a negative image onto others. Having a high percentage of divorce, teen pregnancy, and abortion.
             De Crevecoeur's outlook upon an American is completely different from mine. In his essay "What is an American" he states that all Americans are of European descent and that people who comes to America lives a better life. Those statements are incorrect because people from all over the world has come to America such as Africans, Asians, Mexicans, etc. Also people doesn't automatically lives a better life once they are in America, sometimes people who left their country because they were poor stays poor.
             Being an American is a good life for me, but I can only look at it financially.

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