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            Songs about America come in many different forms and represent countless different opinions. Conflicting opinions can be seen even within one song, due to the fact that people tend to have very mixed emotions about America, as well as many other things in life. The song "America Town" by Five for Fighting tells a tale of contradiction on the positives and negatives of American life. "Red, White and Brainwashed" by Anti- Flag is a much more set in its negative opinions, and makes it easy to decipher the beliefs of the group. Nonetheless, songs about America have been enjoyed for over centuries due to their diverse nature, and the truth that lies within the words of the artists.
             "America Town"s lyrics capture a contradicting opinion of American life told through the eyes of the artist. In the line " I know I should be happy in your land. It's not that wild to me. Not that I want to be any other where. I know it's hell out there" shows how the artist is not completely satisfied with the life he lives here in America, but at the same time he knows that a life anywhere else would be worse, due to the fact that we enjoy more freedoms here than in any other part of the world. Though America does have its faults, they are on a much smaller scale than those in other parts of the world. The lyrics "and I know we"d kick your ass. But first I"ll take a nap tonight and know someone's looking out for me" shows how the artist is content with the feelings safety that America produces, and the line saying "but first I"ll take a nap tonight" shows how most Americans take for granted the safety in America and how only a certain percentage of Americans actually do anything to protect that safety. The line "I"m even OK with the hoodlums on the hill- they"re in my will" shows that the artist is tolerant of the diverse people within the borders of America, and that those people help make up his life, and the life of all Americans, because it is the meshing of people that make America the great country that it is.

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