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            Did you ever have to write a paper about yourself before? You would think it's quite easy, but if you actually got down to doing it, you"d realize that it's a lot harder than you thought. Well here I am, at the age of eighteen and just about to end my first semester of College. Still, even after being here for four months, I"m still confused about my life; hence my reason for staying undecided. I don't believe that I"m exactly ready to make that decision on what I"m going to grow up to be just yet. I"m already spending my parent's money; I don't think it's necessary to make them spend more by me wasting a few extra years in college. Another reason is since I"m their fist child, they still have three more children to put through college, it wouldn't be fair of me to spend all their money. What's kind of cool about my family, is how each of us children look different from one another. My brother and I have brown hair and brown eyes, while my other two sisters have blonde hair and blue eyes. Still though, each of us have different faces, and people say it's hard to believe that we"re all related. At the moment I"m working at Aeropostale, and I hope to continue working there for a while. It's a good working environment and keeps me busy, since I"m not really interested in many things. Personally, when somebody asks me what my political stance is, I really don't know what to tell them, besides I don't know. All that I can tell you is that America as a whole is too different, and we can't even get along with each other, then why do we keep on trying to get along with everybody else. America should stop trying to be the policeman to the world out of fear of revenge retaliation, terrorists, and we should try to solve our problems before anybody else's. .
             Why can't America just mind their own business, and stop getting involved in everyone else's. They should stop being the world's policeman and allow other countries to solve their own problem and bring about their own peace.

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