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Let America be America Again

             The Poem "Let America Be America Again" is a very emotional and moving poem. It was most likely written around the same time slavery ended in America. As the poem goes on it shows more and more the cruelty and hardships certain people would have had to experience in that time and how hard it was for these obstacles to be overcome.
             The poem speaks of America's dream for freedom and for all to be equal. The character says that this dream has not yet been realized especially for him and those like him.
             He speaks of how America is supposed to be the land of love but how it never was that to him. The character also says how "There's never been equality for me, nor freedom in this "homeland of the free". America is called the homeland of the free and it is almost as if the character is mocking this because he himself has never been able to be free.
             The author talks about all of the different unfairness" America has done to its people. For example "the negro bearing slavery's scar" and "the red man driven from the land" and it also mentions "the immigrant clutching the hope I seek". With that line the character is trying to say how when the immigrants come to America they are filled with dreams and hope because of the freedom America is supposed to offer but when they reach there they find it is a world of "dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak". Which is what the character sees America as being, a world where those more powerful than others crush those below them. The character does not even have the hope for America that an immigrant would because he has experienced what America really is and knows better then that. .
             The poem speaks of young men who dream of growing up and making their own profit but finding the world an "ancient endless chain of profit, power, gain, of grab the land". This shows that these young men will have to face reality as those older and more powerful than them take over.

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