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Crossing the Border to the American Dream

            Throughout the years, thousands of immigrants have died trying to cross the U. Many ask themselves why? Simply because they what to live the American dream and have a better life. Many have the dream to someday be able to own something a house, a car, something they can call theirs something they couldn't have back home, Most ALL of them come to give their a better future, to have a standing chance at life, have the opportunity they never ha. Other want to opportunity to study and have a great career be a doctor or a lawyer but can't back home. All amazing dreams and all amazing people for wanting those dreams, but there's one thing in their way, a big, giant, border.
             In the year 2011 alone border patrol found roughly 368 dead bodies of not only adults but of innocent children who were trying to get here on their own. Also not counting those who go missing, those never to be seen or heard of again. You hear the expression die trying and many of these people do die trying to chase their dreams. Many also think that because it's the U.S.-Mexican border its only Mexicans trying to cross but no. there are Cubans, Salvadorans, Honduran, etc. Most of Latin America is messed up that's why many come to the U.S. to find a better life. 60% of all illegal immigration comes from the southern borders being the U.S.-Mexican border.
             Coming from a family of immigrants I know why they all come here. The American Dream, That's all any immigrant talks about. Of course the Dream doesn't come easy but if you work hard enough you might be able to get all you've ever wanted, my mother is a big example to me and how she makes this statement very true. My parents sacrificed all they had so that my brothers and I could have a better future. That's how I know that the majority of people who cross the border do it with good intentions. Not all are good and I know that as well but there should be an easier way of getting a visa or a green card for people who actually deserve them.

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