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History and Overview of Psychology

             Modern psychology has the following industry practice:.
             Psychotherapy, psychological correction, psychoanalysis, psychological training, personal, family Production counseling hotline, vocational guidance centers, personnel service companies, psycho-diagnostic public services, forensics, conflict resolution, psychological services in the educational system, and so on. In modern psychology emerged following main trends:.
             1. complicate the structure of psychology: there are new scientific sectors (both theoretical and applied) and new areas of practical application of psychology. What are some theoretical, applied and practical industry full in recent decades? In parallel, the development and depth (theory) and breadth (practice) Previously often challenge the right of psychology to exist as a science, it is now a science of psychology, a strong position. Psychology-practice has become a real factor in the transformation of the world. According to opinion polls, the profession of a psychologist will be the most in demand in the 21st century.
             2. There are new schools and directions (see the names of schools of the previous text). It goes to overcome methodological crisis due to differentiation and integration of psychological trends. While schools and trends became more planned strengthening of the unity of their views by vzaimoprinyatiya scientific advances and methodological approaches.
             3. An deideologization psychology in connection with the political restructuring that occurs in our country. Refusal of communist ideology has allowed scientists to conduct scientific research, based on a variety of philosophical approaches, whereas previously required was Marxism (dialectical materialism, historical materialism and scientific communism).
             4. There are new challenges that society confronts psychologists. This is due to the rapid progress of social development. Drug addiction, advertising, television .

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