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Book Overview - City of God by St. Augustine

            Born and raised as a Roman Catholic, my parents tried their best to mold me not just into a kind and obedient kid but to be a girl with a strong faith in God. I remember that our apartment didn't have just one but a couple of altars. At a very young age, I was taught how to make the sign of the cross, I was given a kiddie book about the Life of Saints and a sort of children's bible and that going to Mass every Sunday was a requirement. During Christmas season, I was being brought to Church at 4 in the morning even though I'll just sleep for the whole duration of the Mass, because Mom said that whenever I complete the "Misa de Gallo," Jesus will grant me any wish I made. Religion to an innocent girl back then meant that following what it preaches can make you a good and happy person. It seemed promising and like "a guide to living a perfect life." This is how my parents made religion look in a little girl's eyes. But even as a kid; homeless people, kids with no parents, wars on the news and even death made me ask "If there really is a God, why is suffering and pain present?" As I grew, being "religious" became blurry. Incomprehensible situations a typical teenager experiences lead to questioning God harshly "why did God choose me to experience this and that?! Do You even really exist?!" The skepticism grew and enlarged, most especially now that I had the chance to get a hold of St. Augustine's City of God.
             At first, it will seem unusual why or what this book has got to do with a Political Science student's academic life. If happiness for Plato is to achieve justice through maximizing our potentials, and Aristotle wants servants to leave the decision of their future in their master's hands; St. Augustine will open minds that God is and should be the way, the truth and the life. While the Greco-Romano has introduced the political and legal concepts, the City of God has led the world into an unusual angle – morality and ethics.

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