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Overview of the Jazz Age

            Jazz was a period when marching band music and blues combined as one were in style, played by African American men and Creoles. Jazz music first began around 1895 in New Orleans. Reading music was not something few jazz musicians did they improvised their work. Europeans were aware of how popular jazz was becoming, they began to incorporate with African music which then led to a new style of Jazz. Many musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, and Ray Charles, were famous musicians during the Jazz period.
             During the 1920's the "Jazz Age " was another name for its time. It was a time for trying and discovering new styles of jazz. From New Orleans to Chicago many musicians moved from the country to the city. Several musicians went on to move to New York City, the city that became the center of jazz. The music world in New York was large with recording companies, music business, and publishing houses. .
             As musicians went from one place to another, they began to expand making small bands into big bands. Inviting other musicians to follow loyally. Improvisation upgraded the big bands from polyphony to homophony. .
             The first instrument that started it all was the saxophone. The sax was known to intensify close dancing with one another. Several people were surprised to here the music the saxophone makes, such an intense sound that sound like sex, which is why adults were complaining that this style of music is not suitable for the younger generation. It was setting a bad example. Although, the young ones still rebelled against what the adults had to say, they still enjoyed the music and dancing to it. .
             Jazz spread rapidly through the radios and began to become very popular. Many people enjoyed the music. It was played in clubs. The spread of the Jazz increased which helped bands get famous. .
             Everyday was a party day in New York during the Jazz Age. The Great Gatsby was a time when Gatsby threw many famous parties, with decorations from wall to wall with many different colors.

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