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Samuel Beckett - Waiting for Godot

            The play Waiting for Godot written by the playwright Samuel Beckett dwells on the futility of human existence. Through the characters Vladimir and Estragon, Samuel Beckett addresses the fact that people find it difficult to get out of a predicament no matter how hard they try. This idea is best expressed by the line, "Nothing to be done" which is constantly repeated throughout the play (Act 1). But in spite this man continues to keep his hope alive as symbolized by the made up person named Godot.
             I believe that the play challenges my preconceived notion that life is still worth living in spite of the problems that I encounter every day. While it is true that every day is a struggle to improve our fortunes, it does not mean that things will always remain the same as thought of by Vladimir and Estragon. Though there are times that each one of us would like to give up and move on, there is something deep inside of us that tells us that one day, our fortunes will take for the better turn.
             The characters in the play reminded me of persons who also have given up on life and decided to go along with the flow. These are the poor people in our community who had always stayed the same because they have stopped believing that their present situation will improve. The play also reminded me about some of my classmates who gave up on their studies because they think that their grades will not improve no matter how hard they try. At the same there are those people who keep on trying in spite the fact that their situation seems hopeless. Deep in their hearts, they believe that one day, they will achieve what they desire most in life.
             I am still the same person before and after I read the play. That's because like Estragon and Vladimir, I feel that sometimes it is pointless to go against the problems brought about by living. There are only a few websites dedicated to Samuel Becket and one of these is the Becket International Foundation found in http://www.

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