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Apollonian and Dionysian Aspects to Literature

            Playing with friends as a kid or playing a part in theater; everyone has their own role. In theater performed plays there is always a director behind the story. Great writers and philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, Nietzsche, Sophocles, and Shakespeare have paved the way for many imaginative play writers and authors to this day. There is something that drives every writer, something within them that creates their plays based on tragedies in their own lives or satirical writings to have people realize a social or political belief they might have. There's also comedic relief, which everyone should have at some point in their dramatic lives. ¬†Authors, of course, embellish a bit in their writing to enhance the experience for their audience. These great writers have a talent which we might not be able to achieve, but they do not have something that we cannot understand, the absurd. Playwrights use of the basic character, setting, theme, plot, narration, and style. In order to capture an audience, there needs to be an interest invoked by imagery and symbolism; something adventurous or suspenseful whether it being philosophical, scientific, historical, or completely fictitious. Since most of ¬†playwrights ideas come from their own minds, the experiences and instances in which they speak of come from a struggle in one's own actions and thoughts created their own life.In a person's everyday experiences they have a choice to be able to make their own decisions. Some of which choose the right choice and some who choose the wrong, much like the Angel on one side of the conscious and the Devil on the other. Different forms of literature have been installing this type of moral conditioning since Greek Mythology or The Bible. In the Catholic religion a person is to spend eternity in Hell if they commit any form of lust, wrath, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, and vanity. ¬†Committing any of these seven deadly sins is supposed to be wrong and worth punishment, when these sins are basic human emotion and instinct.

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