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Bad Faith in Waiting for Godot

            Samuel Beckett's play, "Waiting for Godot,"" consists of two main characters in a barren landscape; only a single tree can be seen. Although the tragicomedy may be glanced as a story with mere absurdity and irrationality, the play consist of existentialistic terms and principles, in which certain elements of the play and the actions of each character can be taken into question of its meaning. In "Waiting for Godot"," Estragon and Vladimir are victims of "bad faith " in which the pair places the responsibility of each individual's free will by waiting for Godot's arrival. .
             Sartre discusses how a man in "bad faith" may "acknowledge all the facts which are imputed to him, but still refuses to draw from them the conclusion which they impose"." In "Patterns of Bad Faith"," Sartre explains his views on existentialism through an example of a girl on a date. When her date makes a compliment about the girl's appearance, she ignores the sexual connotations of the compliment and directs the compliment at herself as a human. Such comparison can be made with the centered characters of the play. Vladimir and Estragon are in bad faith because they recognize Godot's repetitive delay and the worthlessness of doing so, yet they continue the unconditional commitment of waiting for the arrival of Godot. .
             Throughout the play, Estragon states how there is "nothing to be done " or how "there is nothing we can do"" and Vladimir "beginning to come round to that opinion"". Both acts end with the pair stating their departure from the tree, yet "they do not move ". The pair's resolution to move is not strong enough and is overcome with the option of being stagnant and wait for Godot. Even though the pair has come face to face with the fact that Godot will never come, Vladimir dismisses it and turns to any means for distraction: .
             Vladimir: What does he do, Mr. Godot?.
             Boy: He does nothing, Sir.
             Silence .
             Vladimir: How is your brother? (43).

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