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Come To The Land Of The Free

            Many people around the world still view the United States as the land of opportunity and promise, including those who have immigrated into the U.S. Almost all of whom immigrated into the U.S. do so in search of a better life. Of those people, many of them immigrate to escape their countries troubles and to take refuge in the U.S. However, for those who needed immediate refuge, the entry into the U.S. was no easy task. Many had to make sacrifices and endure hardships, and many had lost their lives trying to get here. The benefits of living in the U.S. far outweigh the losses and cruelty inflicted upon them. Immigrants knew that the U.S. was not only a place of refuge, but also a place of opportunities. The immigrants" past situation in their home country was seen to be far worse than any unwelcoming experience they may have in the U.S. For the most part, they still do think that the U.S. is a great nation. Despite any injustices they may have encountered upon their trek, they still encourage anyone they knew in their country to come to the U.S. After arrival, they have seen that this where they would want to live and prosper. All of the immigrants that do make it into the U.S. do seem happier here and would want to live here for the remainder of their lives. They wanted to share the opportunities they have to others. New of how great the U.S. was eventually made its way to all corners of the world and became the dreams of other foreigners. Immigrants come from everywhere in the world. To some of those foreigners, they were determined to get into the U.S. at any and all costs. There are many reasons of which why people migrate to the U.S. and continue to do so till this day. The top reason was to find refuge from their country's troubles. Opportunity and freedom from political and religious persecution both was other reasons as to why immigrants wanted to come here. .
             In "A boat person's story", the author tells of her escape from Vietnam.

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