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             In the year of 1095, Pope Urban II started what we know as the Holy Wars or the.
             Over the period from 1095-1464, a series of military expeditions were fought to.
             take back the Holy Land, Jerusalem, from the Seldjuk Turks. There were eight crusades.
             which were started for many different reasons by many different people that left a lasting.
             effect to the world. These years of bloodshed were led by men of power to bring money,.
             greed, and fame to themselves at the expense of others. Although it brought a lasting.
             uneasiness between the two religions, trade with the East increased and feudalism became.
             scarce. The crusaders failed to regain the Holy Land, but the Eastern connections opened.
             Europe to a better understanding of optimistic ways of living and thinking. This began the.
             formation of modern Europe. .
             Christians visited Palestine, known as the Holy Land, which was the region where.
             Jesus Christ had lived. The Muslims had captured this land from the Christians, but still.
             allowed religious pilgrimages. Towards 1071 the Seldjuk Turks started conquering the.
             East. The Turks became Muslims, but made it difficult for Christians to reach the holy.
             land. The military expeditions were planned and fought by western European Christians.
             that began around 1095 are known today as the Crusades. The soul purpose of these.
             expeditions was to overtake and gain control of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, from the.
             Muslims. "Deus vult! (God wills it!)" was the battle cry of the thousands of Christians who.
             participated in the event of the Crusades. It was their Christian belief that they should gain.
             control of the Holy land for the "Glory of God". The origin of the Crusades was a result.
             of the Turkish expansion in the middle east. The Turks invaded the Christian empire,.
             Byzantium, and then the crusaders were sent out to recover the land which was rightfully.
             theirs. Around 1071 the Seldjuk Turks started conquering the East. The Turks had.

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