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History of the Crusades

            The Crusades were pivotal events in world history. They were categorized as the end of the medieval time period. The crusades brought so many different changes to Europe in many different ways. One of the reasons behind the crusades would be when the government wanted to free the holy land from the Muslims; this all began in Europe. It's only sense to know that the medieval rulers and Christians would unite against a common opposition. The king and his people felt as though freeing the Christians from the Muslim rule and claim back the land stolen from them 500 years ago would be nothing less than a good deed. If you pay close attention to the history of the crusades in the beginning you agree that they didn't know the kind of affect it would have on the economy, politics, religion, and social life. .
             The knights in the Crusades had a crippling high cost to pay, and that is not just to be a part of it. Traveling with the crusades had a high cost, even after selling their lands and personal belongings it still was not enough. They had to take out loans, while still selling their lands and personal belongings, just to finance the trip. I read about the most significant results of the crusades and that happened to be the redistribution of wealth. The churches economic power was decreased and the bourgeoisie's power increased outstandingly. Peasant's had a bigger interest on their products and the convenience of the real estate additionally helped them out as well. The lower class became middle class just from collecting the interest on loans, handling with real estate, and making a way for people to get around town. The church on the other hand could not take out on interest and they had to share the money they earned. The church reduced in power giving others in Europe a chance to flourish. The crusades had a big effect on Europe with a bunch of taxes and money being spent and given back, Europe changed into something different than what it was before.

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