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             From the year 1096 to 1270, thousands of devoted Christians joined in the Crusades to free the Holy Land from the Turks. Only two out of all eight actually succeeded, the first and third. The reason for these Crusades was that in Jerusalem lived the Sacrens, and the Seljk Turks. The Sacrens were peaceful, but the Turks captured Jerusalem from the Sacrens. The Turks started beating and robbing the people that tried to enter the Holy City. They also burned churches, and the leader of the Roman Empire, Alexus Communes, feared that the Turks would capture Constinople. The Turks contintued to terroize the people of Jerusalem, so Alexus asked Pope Urban II if they wanted help from Rome. Along with the people that joined in the Crusades were: Clergymen, Knights, And Common people. They would excitedly shout " God wills it!".
             The first Crusade was led by four different people, in four different bands. This crusade took place from !096 to 1099. One of the bands was led by a man Known as Walter the Penniless. A monk by the name of Peter the Hermit led whole families, Which added up to be thousands of people to Germany. On the way to Bulgaria, most of Peter the Hermit's followers were dead or taken as slaves. Walter the Penniless" followers were killed and ambushed by the Turks outside of Constinople.
             The reason for the second crusade was the popular spread of Muslims in Asia Minor ( 1147-1149 ). From Clairvaux, St. Bernard preached, but refused to lead the Expedition, so Conrad lll and Louis Vll lead it instead. Sadly it didn't accomplish anything. In 1187, the ruler named Saladin took over Jerusalem, but did not kill the people. Sometimes, he even let them go without ransom.
             Richard the Lion-Hearted, and Philip Agustustus lead the third crusade. Frederick Barbossa also was helping, but he died in a mountain stream on June 10, 1190. They took on their armies by sea but didn't get Jerusalem back from Saladin.

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