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Portraying Border Lands in Movies

            In mass media, Mexican and African American people are usually characterized as funny and stupid people. This issue makes people immediately stereotype these or other races when they see them or get know them - this is a huge influence on people for how they view other races. Many migrants come to the United States to improve themselves, so it is not reasonable how they are critically stereotyped. The concepts of border through the years have change dramatically. The border between Mexico and the Unites States is more than just a limit line between these two countries. This boundary separates the Anglo from Mexicans; the English language from Spanish, technology from basic knowledge, and traditions the border divides to whole worlds. When Mexicans come to the Unites States they face a completely different world. It is dramatic to immigrants when they realize how different these two countries are when they are so close to each other. It is amazing how different it is as soon as you cross the border. And it is even incredible how many Mexican Americans keep up with both cultures and traditions proudly. .
             At the time these movies were filmed the border between Unites States and Mexico was not as defined as it is nowadays and this is how the border is represented in these movies. There was not a big deal of inspection, immigrants could use any identification from the United States and just learn the name and even use an unofficial school identification. Everyone could cross the border without legal documentation and it was really simple, like in the film Touch of Evil, or just cross the river as it occurs in movie Lone Star. Of course, when crossing the border to Mexico or back to the Unites States it is very noticeable the cultural differences between these two border countries. Even though there has always been a rivalry between the United States and Mexico because they protect their countries from each other, it has consequences of past historical events, such as the Alamo.

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