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Leadership in the Navy SEAL's

            Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the Navy SEAL's have become a more visible force in America. It's now more commonplace to witness the lives of SEAL's by way of the news, movies, or one of the countless nonfiction books depicting SEAL's training and combat experiences. .
             The 2003 movie "Tears of the Sun," accurately portrays the Navy SEAL's place in American popular culture. Based on the authority of Eric Greitens' "The Heart and The Fist," along with Dick Couche's "The Warrior Elite," the reader is introduced to a Navy SEAL's chain of command, humanitarianism, and combat tactics. Regardless of being Special Forces, Navy SEAL's still follow the military chain of command, insuring that no rash actions happen during combat. The SEAL's are complex warriors who are not only trained killers, but also reflect humanitarian attributes, helping to build stronger allies while in hostile lands. Finally, SEAL's employ well-rehearsed combat tactics, ensuring they perform missions with 100% accuracy, going the extra mile - and beyond - to avoid loss of life. .
             "Tears of the Sun" reveals how a SEAL's team follows a strict chain of command while on a mission. Every branch of the military adheres to an order of protocol and hierarchy, but for the small, covert SEAL teams deployed in combat zones, following a chain of command can become a dangerous Achilles heel. In the high stakes environment of combat, following the military chain of command can waste precious time and in some cases cause loss of life. Having to follow orders from a command station hundreds of miles away can hinder the field officer from quickly determining the best course of action at a given moment.
             In the film "Tears of the Sun," Lt. Waters must escort an American doctor out of danger by coaxing her to come with him, finding safety even though she'd be leaving the tribal people who she had been caring for.

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