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The Real Team

            Navy SEALS, which stands for-sea, air, land. Army Special Forces, the Seals have a remarkable history of successes and have become legendary in their exploits. The Teams have operated in every nation known to modern warfare and come away with many victories, some bruises and a vast history of achievements. Due to focus, dedication, training, an attitude that "failure is not an option" the Teams have been very successful. Seals are trained to operate in small units of one or two men up to platoon strength of sixteen. However, they work best in squads of eight or fewer. Most missions are in nature, planned in exacting detail and executed with precision and swiftness. Most SEAL missions are unreported and unknown to the general public. While Seals aren't on duty, they find themselves with the same rigorous training as during war. Training remains strict to enforce the belief that the more you sweat in peacetime, the less you will bleed in war. Whenever the President needs a decisive and lethal solution to a foreign policy problem, the U.S. Navy Seals is his first choice. .
             The Real Team was written by Richard Marcinko who is currently a Navy Seal veteran who has over 30 years of military experience. Some of Mr. Marcinko's accomplishments include over 5 best-selling novels and an autobiography, a critically .
             acclaimed book on management and leadership techniques, professional lectures to law .
             enforcement and business executives, and dynamic hands-on training for U.S. and foreign hostage rescue teams. Marcinko acts as a corporate advisor to multi-national businesses including AT&T, Motorola and General Motors on such issues as corporate security, team-building, operational management and strategic planning. Many want to be a SEAL but few make it. Training is the key though, both mentally and physically and getting your workout started before you tryout for the Navy Seals is very important. Marcinko's class of 51 started with 136 trainees and 35 finished, which is quite good compared to most cases.

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