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Self Managed Teams

             o To be effective, self-managed teams should have multiple skills represented. You might consider including the following skills.
              Administrative .
              Information Technology.
              Manufacturing & Process.
              Accounting.
              Management, and.
              Appropriate Technical Skills.
             o In addition to these work skills, and to add different perspectives, you should consider team members from different walks of life.
             • Common Purpose.
             o The team must have a common purpose; in other words, they must have the same vision. This can be achieved when the team charter is well-written. In addition, team members must not have hidden or individual agendas.
             • Interdependence.
             o Interdependence is a key ingredient of teams. Members will come to rely upon each other's knowledge and skills in order to gain the synergy that propels a team to excellence. One strength of the team concept is that many skills are represented. However, one weakness to guard against is that of assuming skills that are not present or which are exaggerated.
             • Authority .
             o Another attractive feature of self-managed teams is that they are given the authority to accomplish their assigned task. Of course, with that authority comes the responsibility to do just that.
             • Individual and Team Accountability .
             o Individual and team accountability starts when team members have a sense of ownership of their assignment. Although you might think that being results-oriented allows for easy measurement, this is not necessarily true. Unless progress reports are made, the only real measurement occurs when the task is completed. .
             o The bottom line is that the team as a whole, and each team member as an individual, must feel accountable for what they do and for what they do not do. .
             o The team should be encouraged to shoot for the stars . . . Not the back porch!.
             • Dynamic .
             o Self-managed teams are very dynamic.

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