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Managing Crisis and Building Team Spirit

             Managing a Crisis or how a CEO manages a crisis can be a crucial factor in the success or failure of that organization. Although there may actually be multiple correct ways to go about solving or handling with the crisis, by picking an incorrect one, you could be putting your entire organization at risk. This holds true for both organizations participating in the Airplane game, as well as organizations participating in the game we call life. The stakes however for the game of life could be much steeper, we could in fact be talking about the loss of a career rather than just a loss of a grade. Although the CEO's of the Airplane game cannot actually lose their job, they do have their own grade, as well as the grades of their other team members riding on their shoulders. In order to be successful in their role of CEO of the Airplane game, it is very important that they display leadership skills that will help them in overcoming any and/or every crisis that comes their way throughout the entirety of the game. If they are successful in meeting these crisis's head on and dealing with them properly, I believe that there is often times a positive effect in team morale or overall team spirt. The same can be said if the CEO's handle the crisis improperly, I foresee that by doing so you will often times project a negative vibe that promotes negative team spirit rather than positive. This just goes to show the importance of managing crisis in both the real world, as well as in Dr. Denton's Airplane game.
             Managing a Crisis .
             To understand how to manage a crisis properly it is important to first know what exactly a crisis is, or what elements make up a crisis. According to Barry Greenwald, PhD., University of Illinois in Chicago states that "Any life event can take on crisis proportions if it is experienced as sudden, intense, unexpected, or emotionally super-charged. (Greenwald)." The part of Barry Greenwald's explanation of a crisis I would like to focus on the most is the fact of it being sudden and unexpected.

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