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Soccer and Real Madrid

            Every four years nations around the world come together to enjoy the most popular sport known to man: soccer. The World Cup is watched by billions across the world in all the continents. In other countries soccer is known as "football", which makes sense considering one's feet is what is used a good 90% of the time. There are hundreds of various leagues and championships that different sorts of teams play; there are city, national, and international leagues. Knowing this may make it difficult to come to the conclusion which club is the best in the entire world, but the answer is simple: Real Madrid. Real Madrid is one of the most supported teams around the world. With ten Union of Europe Football Association champion league titles, being awarded the Federation Internationale de Football Association club of the century, and having one of the current greatest players, Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid CF is considered the finest club at the moment. .
             Real Madrid maintains a record of holding ten UEFA European titles. This is not an easy task considering UEFA is the highest rated club tournament. The pressure of playing in this league is tremendous. Just like any other tournament, moving onto the next round can be difficult. After making the play-offs, there is a group stage that holds four teams per chart. All the teams play against each other and the top two teams with the most points moves onto the four knockout rounds. Currently in the 2014-2015 UEFA championship, Real Madrid holds the most points, eighteen, with six wins and zero losses. FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munchen are the runner-ups with only fifteen points. There is no doubt that Real Madrid has its competition cut out for itself. For example, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two most compared teams out there. The answer to this question has become quite a controversy in the realm of soccer. Thing is, Barcelona only has four UEFA European titles compared to Real Madrid who has ten.

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