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Jose Mourinho - Coaching and Leadership

            A successful coach is on who is both a role model and teacher for his players and staff. He uses his set of principles and philosophies in order to create the best atmosphere for the team and the best chance at getting positive results. José Mourinho is a coach who demonstrates these ideas on the pitch. With his numerous leadership qualities and coaching abilities he is aware of himself, his opponents, and his players, which in turn creates a solid platform that he can build a successful team with. Many of the greatest soccer coaches in history have been know for their greatness as players of the game as well, however, José Mourinho never had this chance to become a professional football player like his father so his passion for the game lead him to become a professional coach. Throughout the years José Mourinho spent time at various clubs where her learned many things from the various coaches and players where he earned the nicknames "the translator" and then later on "the special one". While José Mourinho holds numerous amounts of skills and abilities that contribute to his successes on the soccer field and as a leader the four factors that separate him from the rest are his ability to think ahead and plan for the future, his understanding of complexity and diversity, his motivational skills and techniques, and his overall intelligence, which all support the four components of effective leadership.
             The first factor that contributes to José Mourinho being a great coach and leader is his ability to think ahead and plan for the future. Chelsea FC and Cote d'ivoire International team star Didier Drogba states that during a game Mourinho could "describe what would happen with nearly surgical precision. It was almost disquieting, at times. It was as if he could see the future" (Lourenço, 2014, p.10). Mourinho is always prepared for any outcome of any circumstance and he took pride in that fact.

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