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Leadership In Remember The Titans

            The fast growing movie industry has tried to depict scenes that touch on areas of our country's past in an attempt to teach moral messages, and likewise to demonstrate to us how far we have come in our endeavor to create a just and free society. "Remember the Titans" is one of the most thrilling movies on the theme of racial integration, perhaps because it is based on a true story, or because it is the story of a football team called the Titans who were not only perfect in every aspect of the game, but did not let anything come between them as a team. Many movie scripts have approached the theme of racial integration by making one culture the victim and the other culture the perpetrator. In this movie, the scale is balanced; through various main characters we see how certain leadership traits were vital in changing and molding the T.C. Williams High School football team. .
             Coach Boone is the black coach who was brought in to lead this newly integrated team; this role was acted by academy award winning actor Denzel Washington, who is the main character in the movie. Boone is first introduced to us as a directive and charismatic leader. He is not willing to take trash from anyone; he goes far enough to call himself a dictator. He has a task of integrating a new football team, a mission that has never been attempted, therefore it is important for him to come forth as a strong leader. A prime example is at camp when Boone pairs black players with white players and instructs them to learn about each other, and until then they will have three practices a day. Coach Boone also seems to be achievement oriented, he wished for his players like "Sunshine" to play at their highest level. Some people may think that his tone of voice and training is tough, but I believe this is a prime example of situational leadership. Weak leadership was bound to crumble under pressure. .
             Yoast is the local coach who is headed to the Virginia Hall of fame until Boone is forced to take his job.

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