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Remember The Titans

             In Boaz Yakin's Remember the Titans, football becomes the force that is strong enough to break through the wall of prejudice. The character shown by the young men and the courage of their coach demonstrates the exceptional personality traits that were needed to tackle prejudice. In the end these individuals and a town at large realize that the color of their skin does not make them, their goals, or their lives any different from one another.
             Prejudice is one of the darkest chapter in American history and prejudice is also one of the darkest chapters in American sports history as well. There is only one number in all of major league baseball that is retired throughout the league. It is not Babe Ruth, Cy Young, or Joe Dimaggio. The number is 42, and it belongs to the first African-American to play Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson. I believe that the reason this is the only number that is retired throughout the league is that breaking the color barrier in baseball was that significant of an accomplishment. Robinson was forced to endure verbal and physical abuse from teammates, fans, and the society around him on a day to day basis. Today, some of the most significant records in all of baseball are held by African-Americans. Hank Aaron holds the career record for the most home runs. Barry Bonds holds the single season record for home runs. Bob Gibson holds the single season record for earned run average. The point is, that without the efforts of Jackie Robinson, the world would have been denied the opportunity to witness the accomplishments of these exceptional athletes.
             In Remember the Titans, the issue of prejudice is handled by an entire town, and the battle with prejudice is fought not by grown men, but high school students. Segregation was breaking down all over the country, and high schools were becoming integrated around the country. The legendary high school head football coach was replaced by an African-American.

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