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             The question is, what is the problem that they faced, being a team that had to intergrade. Within this paper the major problems that the team and the society are shown and what steps were taken to aid in solving their problems. One hope what is pointed out in this paper will further help the readers to be informed and further educate about the past.
             The hardships of the African Americans in this country go deeper than just black versus white. The thing that was noticed from the start of this movie was when the system was first integrated, and the students found out. That is when a separation of black and white came. The white players on the team did not want to play for a black coach with black players. The biggest test for the team came when they went to football camp and they had a chance to get together away from the world, so to say. While at this camp the borders were pushed. Borders, meaning the ways of each player on the team and how they acted towards each other.
             There were friendships that had the chance to grow and become stronger but like the rest of the world, it would be hard for a friendship with the opposite race to happen without there being a problem. It is not just the friendship that was hurt. There were problems amongst each race, where people had to choose whether or not they were going to choose to be with the friends of their race. What is a person to do when they are faced with that decision? Who could make that choice? It would be just as hard today in this age and time.
             Dominic Freeman 2.
             Now, there are many solutions to these problems. While away at camp the team was forced to put their differences aside and concentrate on the most important thing that they had going for them. That thing they had is called football. Football is the only thing that kept this team together. It is the only thing that will bring together the town. It does not matter whether who you are or what problems there are between people.

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