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The Ancient World as Viewed in Movies

            ´╗┐Following its predecessor, Clash of the Titans (2010), Wrath of the Titans (2012) is another epic movie, transporting its audiences into the settings of the Greek mythology. Like epics in the classical literary sense, the movie focuses on a heroic character and his journey upon which the large number of people depend. This essay will try to unpack the movie beyond its classic characteristics and unfold its narrative structure to analyze the storyline of the movie. Additionally, the understanding of virtue and the idea of power dynamics that the movie presents will be discussed thoroughly by citing and dissecting its details. At the end of this essay, a comment considering the historical accuracy and the degree to which this movie is referring to any modern issue will also be stated.
             First of all, to have a closer look into the narrative structure of Wrath of the Titans, it is necessary to look at its epic personalities. The movie is obviously very large-scale with sweeping scope and spectacle. From the enormous labyrinth, one-eyed giants or Cyclopes to skyscraper-sized demon, the movie has succeeded in creating a literal epic setting. However, it is only for the eyes to see the 'epicness', to sense and feel an epic storyline, it is the narrative structure that decides. For Wrath of the Titans, its narrative structure can be divided easily into three stages, which are introduction, conflict and resolution. Note that in order to describe the three stages, a few turning points of the movie have to be listed. Persues was acknowledged to the arising problem of Kronos through his fater – Zeus at the beginning of the movie, which is the introduction stage. The introduction here does not only mean how the main character knows about the problem, it also embraces the factors that lead him or her to take responsibility of solving the problem. That is why this stage was dragged on until Perseus changed his mind after encountering a fire-belching monster, which tried to kill his villagers including his son; and being informed that his father was captured and betrayed by Ares and Hades.

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