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Remember the Titans

            It was a cheerless day, unlike the ones that we, the Titans had shared together. We had gathered here in Alexandria, Virginia once again to celebrate the life of our dearly departed friend, Gerry Bertier or should I call him Jerry Lewis. The soft autumn breeze that blew reflected our somber moods as we sadly bid farewell to Gerry, the man who had changed us all.
             In the year 1971, Alexandria was a very chaotic town with the black and white people opposing racial integration. It was then I met Gerry, the person who was going to change my perspective in life completely. When we first met we already had an intense dislike towards each other. We were like cats and dogs, constantly at each other's throats; how were we to know that it would be the beginning of a very special friendship?.
             Before I befriended Gerry, I always thought that all whites were prejudiced and that they felt that they were superior compared to us blacks. It was only through Gerry that I realized that I too, was prejudiced. Like the whites, I myself did not make an effort to get to know them, constantly presuming that all whites were snobs. Getting to know Gerry was an eye-opener. I started to realise that the whites were no different than us blacks; when we look beyond our skin colour, we will find that underneath we are all the same. .
             From Gerry, I learnt the true meaning of friendship. There was a time when a fight erupted in school between the blacks and the whites. He helped to break up the fight instead of taking sides. He even helped us to clarify the misunderstanding. This was what he did for friends; he would always stand up for his friends, no matter the colour of their skin.
             Gerry was the reason for the Titans" unity. After the fight, he gathered all the team members in the gym to encourage us to stick together and that we should not break up so easily just because other people thought that it was taboo for the blacks and whites to mix.

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