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Remember the Titans

            Remember the Titans was a movie based on a true story in Alexandria, Virginia when African American football coach Herman Boone who was played by Denzel Washington was hired to guide an integrated but racially polarized high school team called the T.C. Willams Titans. Angry, stubborn and a rigid task master, Boone faced a cool reception from the team's players as well as an awkward relationship with assistant coach Bill Yoast who was played by Will Patton, a local white coach with seniority and a tradition of winning who was bypassed for the job. As the two men learn to overcome the ignorance and bigotry and realize that they have much in common, integrity, honor and a strong work ethic: they work to transform a group of angry unfocused players into a dynamic winning team of responsible young men. In the process they also unite a divided community and make sure everyone in Virginia always remember what them and their football team has done.
             There were many relationships in this movie with the most important one being the new head coach, Coach Boone and the old head coach, Coach Yoast, now coach Boone's assistant coach. These guy's relationship went from acquaintances who did not like each other at all to friends after it was all said and done. Coach Yoast was the hero of an all white football team until the school allowed blacks to come into it which is when Coach Boone was announced head football coach so that the school can look like it was accepting Blacks. These two used many ways in order to develop their relationship. They used a passive strategy where you get information about the other as he or she reacts with others. This is the way they found out how each other communicated. They both realized that they really communicate with people in the same way. The way they both treated their players and the way they handled pressing issues with the school board. Also they both always won no matter what it took to do it.

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