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The Fall of Saigon

             North Vietnam's capture of Saigon ended of the Vietnam War. The war began to slowly come to an end following U.S. and North Vietnamese officials in Paris 1972. A document titled "An Agreement Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam" ended U.S. direct involvement and escalated the war. Peace was barely part of the agreement. From 1972 to 1975 the Saigon regime grew progressively weaker. The U.S. abandoned the country in manpower and capital. ( Dawson) South Vietnam was not without it's resources for defense. These resources were poorly managed and underdeveloped. ARVN failed to perform to the United States" expectations. The political and military hierarchy continued to be inept and corrupt. The U.S. was able to reduce its own casualties and was unwilling to continue unchecked support. The loss of U.S ability and willingness to defend South Vietnam turned into a rout by the Communist forces. When South Vietnam failed to defend itself the war was truly over. ( McCoy).
             In 1972 the U.S.'s Henry Kissinger and Hanoi's Le Duc Tho met decide the fate of South Vietnam. There was not a representative present from the Saigon government. Political pressure from the White House forced South Vietnamese President Thieu to sign the agreement. A cease-fire was declared in all parts of Vietnam. ( Bowman) Troop movement was prohibited for both sides. This meant that all 140,000 North Vietnamese troops in South Vietnam would be allowed to stay. The agreement allowed for a respectable exit for the U.S. All U.S. ground troops were removed from Vietnam. North Vietnam released all American prisoners of war. The peace agreement was supposed to create a sovereign state in South Vietnam. The U.S. vowed to avenge any North Vietnamese dissention form the plan. The Paris Peace Conference of 1972 left South Vietnam in an awkward defensive position. North Vietnam did not intend to honor the agreement. The South's fate was sealed.

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