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Broadway Antics

            Musical theatre has enriched the lives of millions for many years. People flock to them to hear gorgeous melodies, see extravagant costumes, and watch actors give dazzling performances. No two musicals are the same. They all have their own uniqueness. Two very unique musicals are "Rent" and "Miss Saigon." These two musicals have some similarities, but also many differences.
             Every musical has an interesting history. Rent's history, for example, is a very compelling one. Rent is the creation of Jonathan Larson. Larson based his musical Rent off Puccini's opera, "La Boheme." Jonathan wanted the musical to be an entirely sung show, but instead of making the music traditional musical theatre, he used rock and roll. He spent years molding and crafting the songs into a central story that the average audience member could understand. Finally the worked paid off when Jonathan's dream opened Off-Broadway to rave reviews. Rent's history also has a very grave tragedy in it. The day before Rent was to open on Broadway, Larson was found dead in his apartment. It really is sad that Jonathan never was able to see his dream make it to the big time and become a cult phenomenon. He was never able to accept the Tonys and other numerous awards that he won for Rent. This aspect of Rent's history is probably darker than any other aspect of a musical's history.
             Another show with an interesting and different history is Miss Saigon. Miss Saigon is the creation of Alain Boubil and Cameron Mackintosh. These two composers gained their fame with their first hit musical "Les Miserables." Miss Saigon was their second collaboration and once again they struck gold. The idea for Miss Saigon came to the composers after they saw a picture taken during the Vietnam War of a Vietnamese woman giving her child up to its American father. The expression on the woman's face lets you know that she will never see her son again.

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