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A Hard Day's Night review

             In this, their first movie, The Beatles open up and give us the chance to see what their hectic life is like on a daily basis. During "A Hard Day's Night," we get shuttled from one performance to another, dodging crowds of adoring fans, interacting with managers, running from the cops, hanging out with the band, and doing a live television show. I felt like I got to know The Beatles personally, and experienced a day far from anything most of us will ever know.
             Starting with a mad-dash to the train station, and making it just in time, through their young, impetuous excursions to a club, the police station, a cricket field, and finishing with a live television broadcast, I rode along with the boys to feel the energy of what it was like to be Royalty as a member of the first "pop" band. Even their sometimes childish behavior of disappearing when there was work to be done, like answering fan mail, or just being ready for a rehearsal, you can't help bun smile and join in their games. They act like the kids that they are, enjoying life, and their celebrity as often as possible.
             Even by today's standards, the camera work was interesting and inventive. Considering this movie is from 1964, they came up with some great angles to shoot from; a high-perspective shot inside the train car, where you can see all four of The Beatles and the other characters in frame as well as in the reflection of a mirror, the television producer's vision of the show from the control room, and a sky-high shot of the group messing about in a field. Also, the now-stereotypical British "fast-motion" scenes where they are chased by "bobbies", fans, and each other makes you laugh at it's silliness. As well, the hand-held camera shots get you up close and personal with the lads, so you get a feeling of actually being there. Being in black and white, it kept the memories of the early Beatles in their signature suits and ties fresh in my memory, and brought back the recollection of the old footage of "The Ed Sullivan Show" when they first appeared in the United States.

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