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European Migration Trends

             There are numbers definitions of migration, but in few words we can say that migration is 'moving to another area or country, especially in order to find work'. Free movement of persons is one of the fundamental right of European Union (EU). With no doubt it gives many benefits to European countries and citizens. In 2004 the Union introduced a law which regulates the right of every EU citizen and his family member to move and reside freely in any Member State. It says that, the only thing which a person needs to move or residence in other EU country for less than 3 months is an identity card or valid passport. To stay for longer than 3 months it is required to satisfy one of following condition: have a job, have enough earnings for livelihood and insurance, be a student or be a family member of a person who falls into one of the above categories. To get a right of permanent residence an union citizen should live in one place for at least 5 years. .
             There are many reasons for migration which depends on various factors. According to Meghan Benton and Milica Petrovic a key reasons for migration are employment, family, study and retirement. For the biggest group of migrants the primary reason is work. Moving to another country gives them and their family the opportunity for career development, increased earnings or just chances of getting a job. The second factor causing migration is family – family reunification, formation and accompanying family. About 30 percent of female EU nations in all EU countries (other than Norway, the Netherlands and Portugal, where it was over 60 percent) said that family is the main reason for moving. Women are more likely to migrate for family reasons than men. .
             Study exchange programs, such as Socrates and Erasmus, language courses and internships gives young people opportunity for study abroad. That is why educational movements are on the increase every year.

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