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Historical Implications of Immigration

             The trends in immigration throughout the history of the United States are clearly written on the "Immigration Timeline" (www.fofweb.com). What began as a business venture for several European countries, developed into much more. People all over the world maintain the viewpoint of America being the land of opportunity and seek to immigrate to the United States. .
             PART ONE.
             Patterns and Trends in Immigration.
             There are essentially four distinct patterns and trends in immigration. The first pattern began with England's expansion of territory to North America and Canada. English and Dutch were the first to immigrate seeking job growth opportunities followed by the French, Irish, Scottish, etc. from Europe. The second pattern was that of establishing religious colonies include escape from religious prosecution. The Church of England was the first to become law in the original English settlement in Virginia. Others began to immigrate to North America such as: Pilgrims, Puritans, Catholics, etc. The third pattern set a new trend in immigration that was set following the United States enactment of the Naturalization Act. That being the immigration of those seeking escape from war. For example, such as that of the white French in 1791 who sought refuge from the slave revolt. The fourth pattern is that of illegal immigration. This trend in particular seems to have created the most controversy.
             How Immigration Patterns Impact Educational Patterns And Trends.
             The above immigration patterns have impacted education patterns and trends through religion and business. Religion amongst the first two patterns of immigration is relevant to education in that religion does serve to educate. Immigrants who may never had attended school were exposed to bibles, hymn books, visuals and lectures through religious services. Additionally, religious orders would and continue to teach children during what is referred to as Sunday school as well as to build and establish their own private primary schools, colleges and universities.

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