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Religions In America

            In the American society today there is a mix of all different religions. Today America's religion is pluralistic meaning just that. There are a whole bunch of religions practiced in the same society. All of the combined dimensions of religious freedom contribute to the diversity of religious belief and expression in the U.S. There are a bunch of different religions, and three major religions in America today are Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. These three religions have played a major role in shaping American culture, and way of life. .
             Throughout history Jewish people have combined ordinary and extraordinary religion in basically the same way Native Americans have blended community life, religious practice, and relationships with the natural, social and political world. This mixing of the elements of extraordinary and ordinary religion has resulted in the upholding of a unique Jewish identity. Although subject to the influence of various cultures surrounding groups of Jews, this has set them apart in many countries and cultures. There are four different types of Jews in America today they are Orthodox Jews, who follow basically everything the old ancient ways, and the Conservative Jews who practice Pantheism (which means God is present in all things). There are also the Hasidic Jews and the Reform Jews. All of these different groups practice their own different thing and when they cam to America they had their ideas passed along throughout our culture.
             We see this everyday even when we walk down the streets. They are families of Jews just walking to their Sunday function, with their yam micas on. They won't really use any electricity or cars or any modern technology on this day. If we go to the supermarket we see food that is marked kosher for them. So that they know the food is alright to eat for their way of life. All of these little things add up and give them a little place they have built in our American culture.

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