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Family Religion

            Throughout the history of black families in America, religion has been an important factor in the shaping of its culture. Not only has it provided closeness in community, but it also brings a sense of solidarity in times of need. Historically, this has been the means of survival for most African-American communities. Over time, this need has diminished, as seen in an example of my personal family. .
             My family has been in America for a number of generations. Over time, the role of religion has taken on a change in my family. Our predominant "religion" is Christianity. As compared to the older generation of my family, "generation X," my cousins and I have a different outlook on life. My great-aunt is what many would call a "hard-core Christian." Her outlook is "If you don't have time for the Lord, you have time for nothing else." Her weekly routine is Sunday morning service, Tuesday choir rehearsal, Wednesday night Bible Study, Thursday deacon board meeting, and so on. As a child, I was constantly "preached to" by her. She would always chastise me in the ways of the Lord. Always quoting scriptures, saying things like, " you know the Lord is your Shepherd you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you you should read Proverbs for wisdom." No matter what the occasion, she had a scripture for everything. When I moved to Arizona she told me to make sure I found a good church home, and to tithe, and read Psalms this, and Proverbs that. Even as a child, whenever I wanted something, I had to earn it by memorizing something Biblical like the order of the books of the bible, or a certain chapter that she cited for me. Due to hearing so much of this, over time I began to tune it out. I just did what she said to pacify her so that I could do what I wanted. There would be times when she would go on and on, and literally, I would leave the room, come back, and she had not noticed that I had even left.

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