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The Triumphs and Tribulations of Interfaith Families

            Interfaith dualities among families can create turmoil when it comes to raising children or it can be a positive experience for all. "Americans are leaving behind single-faith identities. According to a 2009 study by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, almost one quarter of all Americans attend religious services of more than one faith or denomination " (Miller 2013). However for some families of two or more different religions there can be conflict when deciding how to raise a child because one family member might be firmly for his or her own beliefs. In this essay I will argue, that despite all the stigmatizations surrounding interfaith families that raising a child of an interfaith identity can be a beneficial practice that can serve as an advantage for the child by expanding his or her beliefs. With the help of my sources I will first discuss why interfaith identities are an advantage, then the issues that still surround interfaith families and finally, give my own opinion along with information gathered from an informal interview I conducted on someone who was raised with both Catholic and Muslim religions. .
             Interfaith families face the hardship of either complying to or refuting the presumed stereotypes of their different religions. It may be hard to believe that interfaith families are truly at an advantage when looking at the surface of this cultural entity. If you dig a little deeper, children of interfaith families are expanding their knowledge and are allowed to make more of an investment in self-discovery. According to Susan Miller from Time Magazine, " while the children must learn to integrate two worldviews, they often appreciate the respect their parents show them by allowing them to make their own decisions celebrating two religions can enrich and strengthen families and greatly benefit children. Being both is not simply a compromise or negotiated settlement, but a positive, inspirational choice.

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