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Community Service

            Volunteers were busily wrapping Christmas gifts at the Northway Mall last season. Their booth was located near the food court where shoppers could drop their gifts off to be wrapped while they waited, shopped, or got a bite to eat. From November 24th to December 24th, money was raised from this event to help less fortunate people in the North Hills area. Donations were not mandatory, but people seemed to be very generous. Money was also raised by selling boxes to customers for their fragile items or articles of clothing. Wrapping was slow at the beginning of the season, but towards Christmas, people seemed to have needed more help with their wrapping and activity around the booth was chaotic. This event has helped many people including the stores, the customers, the needy, and the volunteers themselves.
             Why would a student want to volunteer with the North Hills Community Outreach during the Christmas season wrapping other peoples" packages? One reason is that it makes money for needy people during the holiday season specifically in the North Hills area. People do not normally think of the North Hills as an area that has poor people, but there evidently is a need. Fathers who have been laid off from work cannot feed or clothe their families. Single mothers that are trying to make ends meet need the extra help that the North Hills Community Outreach can offer. .
             " North Hills Community Outreach, Inc. (NHCO) is an interfaith, non-profit organization, which addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical and material needs of people in crisis within the local community. NHCO provides information and education, makes referrals, and facilitates access to resources to bring immediate help in a manner designed to preserve the dignity of individuals and families, and to demonstrate the love of God in their lives." (http://www.nauticom.net/www/nhco/).
             Another reason that this project would be beneficial for other students is they would be able to interact with other people with varying age groups.

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